Should You Invest In A Portable Power Station & Panel?

Should You Invest In A Portable Power Station & Panel?

Let’s get straight to the point. We live in a new era, that of renewable, eco-friendly energy. And it’s only the beginning. Many products are being updated to align with current political trends. But some products such as energy stations and solar panels are well ahead of time.

So yes, it is more than reasonable to invest in renewable energy. That’s no question at all. The real question is how much renewable energy you need and where.

Many homes in Switzerland and the EU are transitioning from the traditional energy sources to solar. They want their energy independence. Roofs are slowly but surely transitioning from normal roofs to energy generating roofs. Of course, installing a complete solar energy generating system in a home is still costly. Yet it’s only a matter of time until it becomes affordable for all.

Portable power stations and solar panels are invaluable for hassle-free outdoor projects. They pave the way for this energy agenda. Gone are the days when we feared penetrating the wilderness for fear of running out of juice. Nowadays, you can shoot a movie in remote locations using a small and portable power station like the CTECHI GT500 518Wh and CTECHI SP200W Solar Panel. In fact, you will not run out of power in the wilderness for months, provided you have some sun. Note that we are dealing with a moderate capacity powerstation here. Higher capacity stations and panels will give you astonishing results.

But what can you do with a fully charged 518Wh Portable power Station?

  • It can charge your smart phone over 25 times, iPads 7 to 12 times, laptops 5 to 8 times,
  • You can power many LED lamps for hours
  • Run your mini-fridge or cooler for up to 8 hours
  • Power 50W machines for 8 to 11 hours and run small fans for up to 20 hours.
  • You can power many devices simultaneously.

The list of capabilities is endless. The CTECHI brands support dual charge and discharge functions. Meaning, they charge your items and recharge simultaneously, ensuring you scarcely run out of power. Imaging the advantages of such equipment in places where there are frequent shortages of electricity or no electricity at all! There you go. You have a bigger picture of what these small machines can do.


That’s not all. Manufacturers crafted the CTECHI brand from the best materials out there. The product is eco-friendly, noiseless, and has secure LiFePO4 batteries that won't catch fire. It also has an integrated smart protective system and a lifespan of over 10 years with 3000+ cycles. What more can you desire? Keep in mind you can go higher than the 500Wh model; for instance, GT1500 or GT2000 and significantly enhance your energy capacity outdoors. Some can even serve as a backup option for your electric car or home in cases of emergencies.


You need a power source to carry out your outdoor projects successfully and creatively. The question rests on your capacity demands. What do you need it for?

You may be interested in one right away. Click on the link below and explore one of the Top Four Brands of portable power stations and panels in the world.

Portable Power Stations – Mwafise Woloko's (

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