Woloko’s aims to provide essential items for projects in the field. We want you to have enough energy and resources to carry out your projects and be efficient no matter your location.

We have a goal to offer products and services at prices that are reasonable for all. We are in the process of building a database of useful products for the relief and other remote project sectors.

But we need a collaborative relationship with you to be effective. To benefit from this relationship, we want you to tell us about your concrete needs in the remote project field. We will source these products, make them available online on our shop, and find a way to bring them to you at an affordable cost.

Together, we will build a solid, categorized list of products for remote projects. The next step would be to establish long-term partnerships with manufacturers to make these products available at affordable prices, no matter the location.

Woloko’s also innovates the humanitarian field with a unique approach. We re-invest most of the profit we generate to promote social innovations and start-ups in interior communities.

We want to build local capacities, while ensuring a healthy connection to the outside world.

More about our philanthropic work coming soon.