Manga has finally achieved her dream of becoming a relief professional. Being part of a team that brings solutions to community challenges is something she enjoys. She spent the majority of her free time during secondary and high school volunteering for local and international relief organizations.

Manga's resume has caught the attention of local charity and international help organizations. However, there is something that has been bothering her since childhood. Rainfall is the main source of water for her village. The dry seasons pose difficult times for them. Progress has been greatly hindered due to the absence of collective effort.

‘‘It pains me to see my people suffer like this. They have to walk endlessly to get drinking water. This is unbearable for me. There has to be a solution.’’

Manga insists that everyone in their village must have access to sufficient clean drinking water. Her dream is to find a solution that is both cost-effective and sustainable. That's the vision she strives for.

On her platform, she brought together a group of relief experts and engineers. Two workshops were held by her last month, which included villagers and representatives from the local council. She raised funds for building a water tank and purification system in her village through a fundraising campaign in the past few weeks.

"Act Now For A Better Tomorrow" is the motto Manga works with. Her dream is a reality, and she pens a beautiful life story, inspiring her generation.

‘‘I don’t see the problems. I notice common challenges that need solutions to enhance our living standards.''

Manga is among the dreamers Woloko’s aims to target. We offer different products, materials, and equipment to help her plan workshops and carry out her projects in the remote field. 

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