Opportunities abound to make a difference in life. When you invest in us, you get more than a product. You invest in lives somewhere.

People believe in you and invested priceless resources in your life. These are your parents, guardians, teachers, spiritual leaders, trusted friends, or even strangers. They are part of your story and success.

We believe you also want to add value to lives in your community and maintain human dignity through innovation.

This generation boasts of outstanding high-tech solutions. Yet never have we seen its level of destitution. Many people need help with various issues, such as depression, loneliness, faithlessness, and hopelessness. 

An army embarked on a mission to find root-causes to problems and generate sustainable solutions. The army is composed of individuals from various fields. Some are social workers, relief professionals, volunteers, inspired entrepreneurs, and trained philanthropists. Others come from faith-based organizations, associations, the corporate milieu, and civil societies.

Woloko’s is part of this growing community that brings solutions and smiles to faces. In 2013, we noticed remote project leaders struggling and lacking motivation to move forward due to a lack of tools. It motivated us to generate and source specific products, services, and resources to help them achieve their short- and long-term goals. What an adventure that has been!

We are constantly updating and improving our capacities in sourcing products that satisfy your project and leisure needs in the remote field.

Invest In Us And Nurture Great Ideas